Hello and Thank You for taking the time to visit my webpage.

My name is Guy Phillips and I have lived in the Valley all my life. (see about)

I believe I have been a good steward for our city and have always represented you with honor and integrity.

There are many issues that a city of this size with world renowned amenities brings forth. The biggest one is how to protect and enhance our tourism – as this is Scottsdale’s bread and butter. Threats to tourism can be small, from too many bikes and scooters downtown, to too large and/or dense buildings that can threaten to overtake our city’s beauty and charm.

I am very protective of our community and have fought against bad development while working with local developers for quality products that not only allow a diversity of choices to residents and visitors but actually enhance and contribute to the city’s well-being, now and into the future. That being said, public safety will remain my #1 priority and my first consideration on any public policy decision I make.

I am entering my 8th year on the council and have developed a great working relationship with city staff, fellow council colleagues and community leaders, who in turn helped me bring Scottsdale high-quality projects like the Museum of the West, The Parada museum, Downtown Splash Pad, The PT-17 Stearman Aircraft at Scottsdale Airport, Scottsdazzle Holiday Celebration, A Veterans Commission, HB1276 for Displaced Veterans, a downtown parking App and a streamlined Permitting process from 27 days to 24 hours!

During this same time I have personally helped residents cut through red tape to solve their issues and worked with council to achieve a balanced budget all 8 years I’ve served on council.

One of our newest challenges coming up is replacing Scottsdale’s aging infrastructure. I served as chair of the Capital Projects Subcommittee to come up with a fiscally responsible bond package to address the important projects while creating a 5-year plan to address on-going capital project needs.

It is my hope to be reelected so I can follow through on those bond projects. Most important to me is the Indian Bend Wash project that must be carefully thought through and constructed to create another world-class amenity for Scottsdale. That project will require a lot of resident input and I want to make sure their voices are heard. The Scottsdale Plaza also needs guidance and commitment to insure another world-class gathering and entertaining area for our residents and guests.

Parking always remains a priority and I am working with our city manager to develop a parking plan for areas around downtown and Westworld that will take a couple more years to fulfill.